Device Assistance

You have options for a stolen device

Lock & Erase Data

  • If you have the Verizon Support & Protection app downloaded to your stolen device, you can lock and erase the device to protect your private information.
  • Safety first. We strongly recommend you do not attempt to retrieve your device from any location that is not safe, you do not recognize or is not familiar to you. If you believe your device has been stolen or is in an unsafe or unfamiliar location, you should contact your local law enforcement.
Lock & Erase Device

Suspend Service

  • If you can't recover your device, suspend your service at no charge.
  • This prevents unauthorized use of your account and you can avoid being billed while you are not using your service.
Suspend Service

File a claim with Asurion to replace your device

If your device is lost for good, you can file a claim. Here’s how it works:

  • 1Sign in and fill out the form
  • 2Pay your deductible.
  • 3Get your phone as soon as the next day!
File Claim with Asurion

You may also be eligible to upgrade your device with Verizon. Click here to check eligibility.