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From set-up and troubleshooting, to simply discovering new features, we are focused on helping you unlock your device's potential.

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Your one stop to a friendly, knowledgeable person who is fluent in any technology…so you don’t have to be. Unlimited help with your mobile device and everything you connect to.

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View our online tutorials and demos to learn more about your device. Become the one your kids come to for advice about their phones.

Remote Support

Help is closer than you think. When all else fails, we can login in remotely and help you with what you need.


  • 1Unlike traditional support, you don’t have to call multiple numbers, and won’t have to wait or be bounced around to different people.
  • 2From setup and troubleshooting to simply discovering new features, our Tech Coaches are focused on helping you unlock your device's potential. Conveniently connect to a live Tech Coach in seconds with 1 tap from the Tech Coach App right from your device, or simply call 1.800.922.0204 and say "Tech Coach."

Take advantage of all your device has to offer with Tech Coach!

Tutorials, chat, diagnostics and more. Here's how to get started.

Enroll in Total Mobile Protection

Through Verizon when you purchase your device or within 30 days.

Sign in and use!

Sign in to chat with a Tech Coach or access the online tutorials.

Start Remote Support

Your Tech Coach will give you a 6 digit code to initiate a remote support session.

Enter 6 digit code

Please note: You must download a small application to your device to enable the remote support session.


General Questions

What is the Tech Coach app?

Through the app, you have a live Tech Coach on call with a single tap.

  • Instant access: Connect live or via text chat in seconds
  • Smarter support: Get ahead of issues and learn more about how to use your device with proactive tips
  • Expand your tech: Support for your device and virtually anything connected to it

How can I get the Tech Coach app?

Android – download it from the Google Play store app on your device.

iPhone – download it from the Apple App Store.

Note: The premium version of the Tech Coach app is only available with a subscription to Total Mobile Protection. However, anyone with a compatible phone can download the basic version.

What mobile devices are compatible with the Tech Coach app?

The app is compatible with Android devices (version 4.4 and up) and iPhone devices running iOS 8.0+

How much does the Tech Coach app cost?

There are two Tech Coach app options:

  • Tech Coach basic is free to download and use
  • Tech Coach premium is included with a monthly subscription to Total Mobile Protection

What's the difference between the Premium and Basic versions of the Tech Coach app?

Both provide proactive insights related to device issues and learning how to use your device, but the premium version allows you to also call or chat with a live Tech Coach.

I have the Tech Coach app. What will happen if Total Mobile Protection is removed from my account?

The Tech Coach premium app is only offered with a subscription to Total Mobile Protection. If you remove these services from your line, you'll still have the Tech Coach app on your device, but you’ll no longer be able to access the premium features.