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Filing your claim online is the quickest and easiest way to file. Take advantage of the following cut-off times and Next Day delivery. Claims completed and approved follow the schedule below:

Completed Claims Shipping Schedule

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Monday - Thursday 12AM Eastern/Central
11PM Mountain
10PM Pacific
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General Questions

How do I cancel a claim?

OPEN CLAIM: If you need to cancel your open claim, contact us. In order to cancel your claim, you will need to have the Claim ID or Wireless Number associated with your device. PLEASE NOTE that open claims are automatically closed after 180 days of inactivity.

COMPLETED CLAIM: If you want to cancel your completed claim, you must contact us within 7 days of receiving your replacement equipment in order to cancel your claim and start the refund process. We will be able to refund your payment once we have received the replacement device in our facility and inspected it. The replacement equipment or device needs to be returned within 30 days of your initial request to cancel your claim. You may either refuse the replacement shipment when it arrives or use the pre-paid USPS return envelope included in the replacement package if you have already accepted the shipment.

How do I confirm cancellation?

You can confirm cancellation by checking your claim status.

What is my claim status?

You can check the status of your claim by clicking here.

What types of issues/problems do you cover?

This information is dependent upon what you selected at the time of enrollment (insurance, extended warranty, or both). For details regarding your account click here and enter the wireless number and zip code when prompted.

How do I obtain my Claim ID?

You can obtain the claim number by clicking here. Simply enter your wireless number, security code, and click “Forgot Claim ID.” After doing this, your claim number will be sent to the email address you provided when the claim was initiated.

What browsers does your website support?

Currently, is tested and optimized for the following browsers:

Browser Versions
Internet Explorer 8, 9
Chrome Latest version
Safari 6
Mozilla Firefox Latest version

If you are not using one of these browsers, it is highly recommended that you switch to one of them before continuing the claims process.

How do I add insurance to my wireless account?

You have 30 days from activation or upgrade to enroll. In order to enroll in TMP, TEC or WPP please visit a Verizon Wireless store -OR- call 1-800-922-0204.

Additionally, Verizon Wireless periodically offers open enrollment periods for those outside of the 30 day window. You may visit this website to see if open enrollment is currently available.

Is there any way to locate my lost phone?

If you downloaded the Verizon Support & Protection app to your device, you can use the LOCATE feature to find your lost phone. Go to the Verizon Mobile Protection Center and simply sign in to locate or lock your device. If your device is permanently lost, you can erase your contacts for added protection.

I lost my phone/My phone was stolen. Do I need to suspend my service?

If your equipment is lost or stolen, sign in to My Verizon and click the Suspend Service button on the Overview page.

Can I change my email address?

If you would like to change the email address associated with your claim, simply resume your claim and edit the current email address by clicking “Change” under the Claim Information column. If you have already completed your claim, it is not possible to change your email address.

What is a SureResponse Device?

The SureResponse device is a personal emergency response system that provides direct communication with a dispatch service in the event of a medical emergency. No additional telephone is required. The device can be worn as a watch, pendant or belt clip. The device features a prominent call button that connects you to Verizon’s knowledgeable SureResponse Care Agents. A web portal is available for you to store personal health information allowing responders to better assist you. The SureResponse device provides peace of mind for you and your family.

Who can I call to set up my SureResponse Device?

The toll free number is (877) 686-4436. A customer service representative is available 24/7 to assist you with your setup, so you can call when it’s most convenient for you.

How do I find my phone number for my SureResponse device?

The phone number assigned to your SureResponse device is listed in the paperwork you received at the time of purchase. There is also a label on the bottom of the SureResponse base which lists the phone number. You can also call Verizon at (800) 922-0204 to inquire about your device phone number.

Starting A Claim

Who can file a claim?

To file a claim you must be an account holder or authorized user on the account of the claimed device. An authorized user is a person that is authorized by the account holder to make changes on the account. In order to become an authorized user, please have the account holder contact Verizon Wireless.

Why won't the system accept my address?

We cannot accept PO Boxes or FPO/APO boxes. For further instructions, please click here.

When you ask for my “MDN,” what do you mean?

“MDN” stands for Mobile Device Number. This is the 10-digit number of the wireless device that you are claiming (In other words, this is your device’s phone number).

Why does it say I have an open claim?

It means that a claim has already been started for the wireless number you entered. If you think this is an error, please re-enter the number associated with the wireless device that you are claiming. If the system again reports an open claim, and you are not aware of having started a claim previously, please begin a chat with one of our agents or call us.

How long does the claims process take?

Many claims take less than 10 minutes to file. However, some claims may take longer because of additional requirements or lack of replacement inventory.

Why won't the system accept my e-mail address?

Please be sure to enter the email address exactly as instructed. Do not enter a space after the last character of the email.

Why do you need my email address?

Asurion uses your email address to send you important information concerning your claim, shipment, and any changes in delivery times that may occur. We use the email address to contact you when necessary, and the accuracy of the email determines our success. The email address is the preferred method of contacting you regarding changes in claim status.

We do not use your email address for any marketing purposes, and we do not share the information with third-party entities.

Insured Device

Why can't I find my make/model in the menus?

We strive to keep our lists as up to date as possible. However, there are certain instances where the model may be brand new and has not yet been added.

Please ensure that you are looking under the correct manufacturer name, as sometimes common names get mistaken for the actual manufacturer (for example, Blackberry = Research In Motion).

What is my make/model?

The manufacturer (make) and model of your device can typically be found on your device or underneath the battery on the back of the device. Another way to determine the manufacturer of your device is by looking in the manual, box, or receipt for your device.

If you cannot locate the manual, please be aware that most device manuals can be found in electronic form by doing an internet search (for example, “BlackBerry Storm manual”). Also, device information and manuals can be located by logging into your Verizon Wireless account.

(Please be aware that Blackberries can be found under the manufacturer "Research in Motion.")

Replacement Device

When will I get my replacement device?

The majority of our claims ship overnight. Please reference the table on this page for your expected delivery date.

We also provide the tracking # (you can find it here clicking here) so that you can obtain a more precise delivery status directly from the shipping carrier. Please be advised that tracking #’s are assigned when the package is shipped from our facility, which may take up to 12 hours from claim completion.

What accessories will I receive with my replacement device?

If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged the following accessories are covered: one standard battery, car charger, leather case, home charger, and earbud.

If your lost or stolen phone had a SIM card, it will be provided in the shipment as well.

What if I don't like the alternative model that you are offering?

In the event that your claimed model is out of stock and you do not accept the comparable replacement device offered, the original device you claimed will be placed on backorder and will be available for shipping when it is back in stock. Placing a device on back order will most likely result in a shipping delay.

In certain cases, devices are no longer available. We work closely with Verizon Wireless to determine comparable devices for instances when a model is not available.

Am I getting a new or refurbished device?

Per the program Terms & Conditions, your replacement device could be new or refurbished/remanufactured.

Am I getting the same model?

It is our goal to provide you with a replacement device that is the same model, same color, and has the same features, but this cannot be guaranteed. If the same make and model you claim is not available, a similar make and model will be substituted. We work closely with Verizon Wireless to determine what features are comparable for instances when a model is not available.

Can I pick up my device at the store?

Unfortunately we don't provide this option. However, most customers qualify for our free next business day shipping once their claim has been complete. Please go here to find out when you can expect to receive your replacement device.

Can I get an upgrade (or a downgrade)?

This is not an option provided through the insurance program. If you would like to look into an upgrade, please contact Verizon Wireless.

How do I transfer content from my old device to my new device?

Please follow the instructions included with your replacement phone for how to transfer content from your old device to your new device. For customers with Total Mobile Protection, the best way to get expert support is to download the Verizon Support & Protect app at, open the app, and use the one-tap access to Tech Coach to get fast answers to almost any question about your phone including content transfers.

Cracked screen repair FAQs

How will I know if I’m eligible for cracked screen repair?

Upon initiating a claim, you’ll will answer a series of questions about your device, location and peril to find out if you are eligible for cracked screen repair.

Which types of damage are eligible for cracked screen repair?

If you file a claim for LCD damage (cracked or broken screen), you are eligible for cracked screen repair.

Which devices are eligible for cracked screen repair?

As you go through the claim process, we will determine if your device is eligible for cracked screen repair.

Does the repair option count towards one of the two allotted claims?

Yes. The repair still counts as a claim, just as a replacement would if you chose that option.

When do I pay my deductible?

You will pay your deductible when you file the claim, not at the repair store.

How long do I have to take my device to the scheduled UBreakiFix location?

You have seven days to take your device into a uBreakiFix location after filing a claim.

What if I take my device to a different uBreakiFix location than the one originally selected?

If you take your device to a uBreakiFix location other than the one specified, they will still repair the device, subject to parts availability.

What if I choose the repair option but don’t take my device to a uBreakiFix location?

If you have not brought your device in for repair within three days, you will receive a reminder email. After seven days, you will receive an email cancelling your claim with deductible refund information.

What if my device has additional damage other than a cracked/broken screen when it is taken to uBreakiFix?

If the device is inspected and found to have additional repair needs, you will have the option to have the device replaced at a higher deductible.

Documents/Affidavit/Claim Review

What is the ESN/MEID/IMEI? How do I find it?

The ESN is the Electronic Serial Number.
The MEID is the Mobile Equipment Identifier.
The IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity.

You can find one of these numbers according to the following instructions:

For iPhone:

  • Open iTunes 8.1 (or higher)
  • Choose iTunes > Preferences in Mac OS X
  • Choose Edit > Preferences in Windows
  • Click the Devices tab
  • Position the mouse over “Back up Device” to display IMEI

For Other Models:

  • Under the battery on the back of your phone

If you do not have the phone, please check the following to capture the ESN/MEID/IMEI

  • Receipt from the purchase of the phone.
  • Your service agreement or recent copy of your bill
  • The box the phone came in.

Verizon Wireless provides a useful visual guide to locating the ESN or MEID. You may view it here.

If you need further assistance, you may contact Verizon Wireless by dialing *611 from your cell phone or calling 1-888-881-2622.

Why do I have to complete the affidavit?

The claim affidavit is used to identify the claimant and to obtain and verify claim information such as how the loss occurred. The affidavit is also used to protect your account from fraudulent activity.

What is an affidavit? Where do I find it?

The affidavit is a document that we use to identify the claimant and to obtain and verify claim information. The affidavit is also used to protect your account from fraudulent activity.

Visit the documents page and select tab “1. Get Affidavit” to obtain an affidavit. Please fill out the affidavit completely according to the attached instructions.

How do I complete the affidavit (documents)?

Please visit the Verizon Wireless documents page and click on the tab labeled “2. Complete Affidavit” to obtain detailed instructions for completing the affidavit.

Why did my affidavit get rejected?

There are many reasons why documents might be rejected. The most common reason is that the documents we received were not legible (too dark, too light, or too small to read).

Here are a few tips to ensure that your documents get processed as quickly as possible:

  • Please make sure that your claim number and wireless phone number are listed on every page of your fax/scan.
  • Please print and make sure that all pages are filled out in blue or black ink. Using a pencil may cause your affidavit to be too light to read.
  • Please make sure that you are feeding the affidavit into your fax machine or scanner in the correct way. Feeding pages through upside down will result in a blank fax being received, and a delay in processing your claim.
  • Please ensure that all information is legible before faxing or scanning. An illegible claim number or wireless phone number could result in a delay in processing your claim.
  • IDs can often times be too dark to read. Please lighten and enlarge the copy of your ID before faxing or uploading.

How long will it take you to process my affidavit?

Once Asurion receives your documents, an adjuster will review the information and you will be contacted within 24 hours via email or automated voice message regarding next steps on your claim. You can check the status of your claim at any time by clicking here.

The affidavit process is taking longer than you said. Who should I talk to?

We strive to review submitted documents within 24 hours of receipt. If there is a problem with the documents, we will contact you via email or phone.

If you still think there is a problem, please check your email SPAM folder to ensure the email did not end up there. You can also verify the status of your claim by clicking here.


Why do I have to pay a deductible?

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance program, Asurion, like most insurance programs, requires that you pay a deductible at the time a claim is filed. We try to keep our deductible amount as affordable as possible.

Please be advised that in most cases the deductible is far less than the full retail price that customers would pay for a new device outside of wireless contract renewal.

What is my deductible?

You can determine the deductible for your model by using the tool located here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Asurion accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and electronic check as online forms of payment for Verizon Wireless customers. If none of these options work for you, you may speak to a chat agent and complete payment using COD. (A $15 service fee accompanies COD payment).

Why wasn't my payment accepted?

Please ensure you are following all instructions for payment submission. If your credit or debit card information was rejected, you might try another credit or debit card. Additionally, we accept e-check payment online. If none of these options work for you, you may attempt to speak to a chat agent and complete payment using COD. (A $15 service fee accompanies COD payment).

Can I bill the deductible to my wireless account?

We apologize, unfortunately at this time we only accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and electronic check as online forms of payment. We do not have the ability to charge the deductible to your wireless bill.

After the Claim

How do I return my damaged device?

When you receive your new device an envelope with prepaid shipping will be included so you can return the claimed device.

Please return your phone ONLY. You can keep your accessories, SIM card, and battery. You may track your return online.

Can I get a refund if I find my device later?

  • If it is within the first 7 days of replacement equipment receipt, you can return the replacement equipment for a refund of the deductible. Starting the refund begins the process of reactivating your found device; the device will be reactivated within 24-48 hours of the start of the refund process.
  • If it is outside the first 7 days, the deductible is non-refundable. If a lost or stolen phone is recovered, it should be returned. As your claim was completed, the recovered equipment is the property of Asurion and cannot be reactivated.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a phone is claimed, the equipment's ESN is locked so that no one can use the damaged/lost/stolen device. When a claim is filed, the damaged, lost, or stolen phone becomes the property of Asurion and must be returned to Asurion. If the phone is lost or stolen, there is no return obligation unless you recover the phone.

How long do I have to return my device?

The damaged device should be returned to the Authorized Service Center within 15 days of the receipt of the replacement equipment. Please be sure to use the white United States Postal Service envelope included with your package. Do not include the battery, SIM card, charger, or other accessories. You may track your claim online.

Return is not required for lost or stolen devices.

How long does the warranty cover my device?

Asurion replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged claims are backed by a 12 month warranty. Verizon Wireless replacements for extended warranty claims are backed by a 90 day warranty.

If I lost my phone, do I need to return anything?

No. Only damaged devices need to be returned to Asurion.

Have you received my old device?

You may track your return online.

Should I delete the content on my old device?

Most devices have a factory reset which will allow you to delete most (if not all) content. However, it is not necessary for you to delete content from your old device, as all data on returned equipment is erased. Damaged equipment goes through:

  • Software clearing application to assure customer content is erased.
  • Five inspection points throughout the repair process to verify customer content is completely removed.

However, please DO remove all external memory cards from your device before sending it, as these cards cannot be retrieved or returned once we have received them.

Asurion is a trusted partner with Verizon Wireless. We take the security of your personal information very seriously.


Why won't the system accept my shipping address?

For instructions on entering an acceptable shipping address, please click here.

What is my shipment tracking number?

Typically you will receive an email with tracking information 4 hours after completion of your claim. You can obtain tracking information by going here and entering your claim information.

This information is pulled from the same system our agents use.

What company is delivering my replacement device?

Asurion replacement devices are shipped primarily via UPS and FedEx.